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Effingham, Illinois Wedding Photographer

I am Kelly McCormick and I am a wedding photographer in central Illinois, based in the country north of Effingham, IL. I have been a wedding photographer for seven years, and prior to that I was a Marketing Manager and Project Manager for a large corporation. I am blessed to bring these creative and organizational skills to use with my wedding clients, but what I am most proud of is the work that I do in capturing real, authentic, and raw emotion in pictures on your wedding day. While I love lighting and creative composition of artistic wedding imagery, what most of my wedding clients will say is that it was the capturing of their relationships...the relationships between a bride and groom...or the groom and his mother...the bride and her father...that really pulled them into my work. A person very dear to me once said that the neatest thing about your wedding day is that is the one time in your entire life where everyone that you love and hold dearest in your heart are all in the same place, and that is what truly motivates me on your wedding day...capturing those that mean the most to you in life in creative and artistic ways for you to remember that one moment by for the rest of your life.

Central Illinois Wedding Photographer

While I live near Effingham, Illinois, the majority of my weddings are actually all over the central region of Illinois. Depending on the year and my clientele, I have spent so much time at weddings with beautiful brides and handsome grooms in Springfield, Peoria, Bloomington, and Champaign, IL.

Illinois Farm and Vineyard Wedding Photographer

I adore discovering new places, and nothing has been more exciting in the wedding industry in the last few years as the couples who have been hosting their family and friends at new and non-traditional venues! From private estates like Allerton Park in Monticello, IL, to beautiful vineyards like Mackinaw Valley Vineyards near Peoria, IL, these beautiful and sophisticated venues provide unique experiences for wedding couples, their families, and friends.

Kelly McCormick Effingham IL Wedding Photography

One of my favorite things to do on a wedding day is create what I like to call "the iconic bridal portrait.' This was my first wedding of 2015, and Jenny was a dazzlingly beautiful bride. Yet she was also one of the kindest girls you would ever meet as well. The wedding was at the First Baptist Church in Effingham, IL. That particular church has been through a contemporary remodeling on the interior that can make it somewhat challenging for beautiful wedding day pictures; however, there was a beautiful sliver of light coming in from a window in an office. That small bit of light landed in the hallway leading to a doorway. So, I posed Jenny on a chair in that small sliver of light, thus darkening the background down so that you couldn't see the carpet, cement walls, etc. It turned out to be one of my favorite images from their wedding day. To me, this is such a stunning picture of a bride on her wedding day. One that should be in a silver frame on a fireplace mantle and passed down for generations to come.